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Summer Reading List Share

Here's an amazing summer reading resource for all Pond Covers!  I hope everyone is having fun and reading up a storm.

Digital Drawing with Scott Nash

Students in grades three and four had the thrill of learning how to use their iPads to draw by the master, author-illustrator Scott Nash.  As if he wasn't enough of a rock star to Pond Covers before this!

Thank you so much to the PCPA for supporting our Visiting Author/ Illustrator Program!

Let the Games Begin! Chickadee Madness at Pond Cove


Welcome to the first annual Chickadee Madness Tournament at Pond Cove.  This week, we'll take classroom votes on book pairs, until we narrow it down to the final face-off on Friday.  Who will it be?  I can't wait to find out.

The bracket for Chickadee Madness is between the Art and Health rooms!  Come take a peek.  Updated daily!
Were you absent for one of the read alouds?  You can click on this below to hear today's contenders.

Day 1 Face-Offs:  A BOY & A JAGUAR vs. WHO WAS HERE?


                      HANA HASHIMOTO, 6TH VIOLIN vs. FIREFLY JULY

Mrs. Rosenblum's Summer Reading List 2015

Happy Summer!

Reading great books at your own pace and just for the fun of it is a fantastic ingredient of summer.  There are so many fabulous titles out there for all ages, it's challenging for me to limit myself to just a few.  I hope you find at least one new favorite between now and September.  I can't wait to hear what you discover!

Click here for Emergent and Early Readers.  This list is for readers who are starting to read on their own or who are enjoying their first chapter books on their own. 

Or, click Developing Readers for a list designed for kids whose stamina is growing.  I think they can find loads of fun with these titles. 
What's not to love about an intrepid pig with a hamster sidekick? 

For Independent Readers, those who are ready for longer books with more complex plots and (generally) fewer illustrations, click here.

Summer Reading for Rising Fifth Graders

By now, you've heard about each of these books.  It's time to pick your first and second choices!  Once all the choices are tallied, you'll get your own copy of the book for the summer hand-delivered. That will happen sometime next week (June 15-19).

These are such great choices!  I'm a little jealous.  Anyway, the links below will help you seal the deal for yourself.

Froggy Author Jonathan London to Visit Pond Cove!

Great news!  As part of Cape Celebrates Literacy Week (April 3-11), Jonathan London is coming to visit us this Friday, April 3rd.  You will recognize his many Froggy books, I bet, which feature a funny, sometimes forgetful, always floppy little frog named…


Jonathan has also just published a new adventure book called Desolation Canyon.  His son Sean London did the illustrations!  The story features two twelve-year-olds on an exciting whitewater rafting trip with their fathers and a 16-year-old boy who seems full of trouble.  This is the first book in a 3-book series.

Jonathan will introduce Pond Covers to his exciting career, the ideas behind his books, and the creative process when he joins us this Friday!

Roald Dahl, Master Storyteller

In third and fourth grades, we are reading THE WITCHES, by Roald Dahl. Mr. Dahl is beloved around the world by children and adults alike. In his home country of England, he is thought of like a National Treasure. Although Mr. Dahl passed away in November, 1990, his legacy is such that a lively website is kept in his name. Check out the official Roald Dahl website.
Image source: To search Roald Dahl books in our library, click here.